Problems At Work

Problems At Work

Workplace challenges can arise from a variety of factors. At MKI Legal, we pride ourselves on our comprehensive knowledge and experience in assisting employees through difficult work-related circumstances.

Whether you are confronted with allegations, facing a possible termination, assigned to a performance management plan, or inaccurately classified as a contractor instead of an employee, we have the legal expertise to assist you get a positive outcome.

How We Can Help

I Might Be Dismissed

If you believe there is a chance you might be dismissed, we can help you understand your rights and if required, negotiate an acceptable exit from the company, which often involves payment of compensation and protection of your reputation.

Allegations against me

We have lots of experience defending employees from false or trumped up allegations. We can help you respond in a way that maximises your prospects of clearing your name. Sometimes, this may be an opportunity to negotiate a mutually acceptable exit from the company.

Performance Management

We’ve advised many employees who are being performance managed, have had allegations of poor performance made against them or have been placed on a formal performance improvement plan (eg a PIP).

Contractor Issues

We have experience acting for contractors who have been incorrectly classified as a contractor, when they should have been classified as an employee. We can help you obtain your entitlements, superannuation, and potentially have a civil penalty imposed against the company. The High Court made a significant change to the laws that govern this area in January 2022.