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MKI Legal, is an employment law firm with a team of expert lawyers in Western Australia. We have the experience to assist you in any employment law matter.


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We understand that if you are having issues at work, it can often be a stressful and distressing experience. That is why we can have a free telephone discussion with you about your circumstances and discuss generally your legal rights. We find that having this initial free discussion helps you understand whether your potential claim has merit, and in most cases, we are able to discuss with you generally where you stand. We often resolve issues at this initial free discussion stage. Your enquiry is strictly kept confidential.

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In 2017, MKI Legal was named as a leading employment law firm in Western Australia in the Doyle’s Guide.

One of our founding directors, Stefan Banovich, was also named as a leading employment lawyer in Western Australia in the same publication.


We are the most affordable employment law firm in Western Australia.

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Coal Employee Wins Unfair Dismissal after False Accusations of Workplace Harassment

Workplace bullying laws define sexual harassment as any unwelcome or unwanted sexual behaviour that offends, humiliates or intimidates another person. The law requires employers to impose workplace anti-bullying regulations, provide training for their employees on gender sensitivity, and put in place mechanisms for lodging complaints for workplace bullying and harassment, for investigating and penalising them. All complaints for sexual harassment or workplace bullying must be taken seriously and investigated. In the case of Vincent Wilson v Anglo Coal (Moranbah North Management) Pty Ltd T/A Anglo American FWC 4386, at an underground coal mine, a female trainee resigned after a few months at work citing that she was not suited to the job because of the extreme physical demands of her duties. During her exit interview, she alleged that a technician sexually harassed her while she was alone in the tight space of a “man basket”. She alleged that the technician... [Read More]

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