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MKI Legal, is an employment law firm with a team of expert lawyers in Western Australia. We have the experience to assist you in any employment law matter.


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We understand that if you are having issues at work, it can often be a stressful and distressing experience. That is why we can have a free telephone discussion with you about your circumstances and discuss generally your legal rights. We find that having this initial free discussion helps you understand whether your potential claim has merit, and in most cases, we are able to discuss with you generally where you stand. We often resolve issues at this initial free discussion stage. Your enquiry is strictly kept confidential.

We’re Experts in Employment Law

In 2017, MKI Legal was named as a leading employment law firm in Western Australia in the Doyle’s Guide.

One of our founding directors, Stefan Banovich, was also named as a leading employment lawyer in Western Australia in the same publication.


We are the most affordable employment law firm in Western Australia.

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Discriminated at Work Because of a Disability? Get Help from a Discrimination Lawyer

The case of Shizas v Commissioner of Police [2017] FCA 61, involved a lawyer previously working for the Australian Taxation Office who dreamt of being a police officer. He applied to join the Australian Federal Police in 2002 but he failed as he did not have an unrestricted driver’s license. He applied again in 2009 but his application did not progress after taking the aptitude test. In 2012, he applied for a third time and he received an offer of employment conditioned on his successfully obtaining a medical and security clearance. The lawyer had a condition called ankylosing spondylitis which caused inflammation of his spine. He was under the care of a medical expert on rheumatology and his symptoms were controlled. The lawyer passed the Physical Competency Assessment. In the medical forms he filled out, he admitted a history of injury to the spine and that he experienced stiff and... [Read More]

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