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Our Legal Team

Our Legal Team
Our Legal Team

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"I had no idea where to go, so I went online and researched employment lawyers. MKI was in the top three."

"I realised it was the right thing to do. They did it a professional way. They guided me step by step through the process."

"I was very pleased with the service, very happy with the outcome."


"I got in the contact with you guys over the internet and the experience was great from the word to go."

"I started to have a lift of my spirit."

"I would recommend MKI legal to any of my friends."


"Professionalism of the staff, it's just been great."

"I would recommend MKI legal in a heartbeat."

"It's been good experience."


"They fired me without doing a proper investigation."

"What they had done for me is look into my case and see that can help me."

"MKI legal is affordable."


"MKI Legal is affordable."

"Completely removed the stress."

"I found that support actually helped me save my job."


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8 Ways Your Dismissal Could Be Unfair

Losing Your Job Is Hard But You Can Do Something If you have lost your job, it is no doubt a difficult time in your life. The MKI Legal team have advised thousands of employees who have been terminated from their employment. We understand how you feel as many of our clients have felt the same way. A lot of our clients initially: experienced anxiety from losing their regular source of income; were worried how they're going to pay the bills or mortgage; were concerned about what their children or loved ones would think. However we find that our clients who have been unfairly dismissed who took action to challenge their unfair termination were able to: move on with life by knowing they corrected a wrong; get financial compensation to help pay the bills until they find a new job;protect their reputation by getting their dismissal withdrawn, so they could... [Read More]

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