Employment Contract Review
Employment Entitlements Contract Review

Employment Contract Review

Our team of experienced employment contract lawyers can undertake a review of your employment contract to advise you of any risks.

A normal employment contract review includes:

  • Ensuring the contract meets the minimum lawful requirements as set in the National Employment Standards.
  • Advising about probationary periods.
  • Ensuring that the hours of work are lawful and discussing overtime obligations.
  • Reviewing bonus terms and advising of circumstances where bonuses may not be paid.
  • Reviewing terms relating to the employer deducting expenses from your wages or salary.
  • Advising on confidentiality obligations.
  • Advising on restraint terms, such as those which may prevent you from working elsewhere after your employment comes to an end.
  • Reviewing termination terms and notice periods.
  • Advising on intellectual property rights and obligations.
  • Advising whether you must provide exclusive service to the employer or whether you have the capacity to work elsewhere.
  • Discussing possible company policies, and the application of any modern award (and how that award compares to your employment contract)
  • Advising on allowances and reimbursement entitlements.
  • Advising on suggested amendments.

We find that, in most cases, we can provide you advice on your employment contract in a single meeting.

Contact us for a free discussion to enquire whether we are able to assist you.